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Carpet exhibion and workshop

Magic Knots: An Introduction to Azerbaijani Carpets

Azerbaijan is an ancient center of carpet weaving. The origins of carpets in Azerbaijan are traced back to the Bronze Age. Archaeological findings and written sources testify that people living in the territory of Azerbaijan wove various types of carpets as early as the second millennium BC.

Carpets were closely connected with the way of life; they were an integral part of the customs, traditions and beliefs of Azerbaijanis. A carpet accompanied a person during his whole life - both in grief and joy. There is an Azerbaijani tradition of weaving special carpets to celebrate every significant date or event: carpets on the occasion of a birth of child, carpets woven by future brides for their dowry; carpets spread before matchmakers, carpets made for mosques and shrines, and carpets for events like a wedding or a funeral ceremony.

The Azerbaijani carpet is full of an inexhaustible richness of color - unique combinations of patterns, flights of creative mind, and great skills. These weavings have absorbed all the colors of nature in the native land. The magical and playing colors of the carpet are expressed in the ruby brightness of pomegranate grains and the golden shining of quinces, embellished by the copper colors of saffron, and accented with the amber and the lilac tints of grapes.

Over the centuries various carpet weaving schools evolved in different regions of Azerbaijan. Carpets woven in Guba, Baku, Shirvan, Ganja, Gazakh, Karabakh and Nakhchivan differ from each other with their quality of wool, dye components, dyeing and weaving technologies, designs, original geometric and curvilinear patterns, and representations.


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