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  1 March 2011, Baku. Azerbaijani Days to be held at the WB Headquarters
in Washington

Azerbaijani Days organized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani Office of the
World Bank are going to be held at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington on March 15-16. To that end,
a delegation headed by Elman Rustamov, Governor of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan will pay a visit to
Washington. As a result of the cooperation established between the World Bank and Azerbaijan in 1992, the
WB supported the market economy, reduction of poverty, creation of modern infrastructure and development of
the financial sector. Useful cooperation between the WB and Azerbaijan will be emphasized, and relations and
dialogue between Azerbaijan and the WB will be further strengthened through the meeting to be held within the
days of Azerbaijan to be conducted in the Washington office of the WB. The Azerbaijani culture will be widely
propagated during the days of Azerbaijan as well.

An opening ceremony of the Azerbaijani days will be conducted with the participation of the delegations of the
Central Bank and the WB.

The ceremony will include a carpet exhibition in the building of the WB, presentation of the national cuisine
during dinner, presentation of Azerbaijani music, as well as demonstration of a photo-gallery with views of
Azerbaijan. Within the days of Azerbaijan in the WB, the Azerpocht project will be presented as a successful

Short video materials about the culture of Azerbaijan will be demonstrated for the propagation of the history,
nature, rich cultural heritage of our country. It is also planned to exhibit informational brochures, booklets,
leaflets, discs, books, posters, souvenirs and other promo-materials about Azerbaijan.

Within the program, Governor of the Central Bank E.Rustamov will hold talks with Robert Zoellick, President of
the WB, Michel Mordasini, Executive Director of the WB Group, represented also by Azerbaijan, and the IMF
representatives and a number of officials. The subject of the negotiations will be the current status of the
cooperation between Azerbaijan and the WB, the IMF, projects implemented in Azerbaijan and future
cooperation prospects. In addition, Governor of the Central Bank E.Rustamov is expected to speak to a wide
audience in one of the well-known universities, and give an interview to representatives of local and foreign

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